Every production we've ever worked on has needed crew support and augmentation. Our depth of experience and inventory of equipment clearly pointed to Southern Light Pictures ability to answer this need.

Dave Calhoun

Brian Johnson

Dave started in film and video the nineties in the grip and lighting department for commercials and film. He moved up and through the industry hierarchy and gravitated towards the cinematography side of production. Eventually he started Southern Light Pictures in order to supply support to his and others projects. Dave’s camera and lighting experience has spanned a wide array of jobs; movies, commercials, corporate video, digital web content etc. Now with the addition of Brian Johnson in partnership, SLP is now the best equipped and largest production support company in the state. As a director of photography, Dave brings a versatile and practical approach to capturing a scene. Being a lighting cameraman, Dave sees in shadows, colors and tones but also works to bring the correct aesthetic to whatever the scene calls for.

With 20 plus years in this business, Brian’s experiences lie on a broad spectrum of capabilities. As a Lighting Technician from feature films to commercials and from budgets from 100 dollars to 100 million, he has served as Lamp Operator, Rigging Electric, Generator Operator, Best Boy Electric and Gaffer. After graduating Penn State University with a Film/Video Degree, he spent eight years in Boston cutting his teeth on feature films like Mona Lisa Smile, Stuck On You, and What Lies Beneath. In 2003, Brian turned his attention to commercial work and relocated to Little Rock, AR where he worked the next eight years producing high-end regional and national commercials with Dempsey Film Group as the Grip/Electric Manager and On Staff Gaffer. In 2011 he acquired a 5 ton grip/lighting package and started his own lighting business, Continuous Grip Electric Services where he served local and out of state production companies by supplying top notch lighting for their projects. Finally in 2016, Brian partnered with Dave Calhoun and Southern Light Pictures to expand their inventory, supply their clients with an unsurpassed level of combined experience, and to create a true Rental house in Arkansas.

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